Problem regarding sending Email

Sometimes the app sends email and sometimes not.
It happens when using the player. In the test option it wasn’t came up to me.

For example, I used my app today in 11:30am and got the email immediately. I did another trail in 11:44am and didn’t got the mail. I did another trail in 11:53am and got the mail after 3 minutes.
It’s not the first time it happens to us.


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sorry to hear about the issues with the Emails not sending, I haven’t heard of this issue occurring in the past. just to confirm, do you not have any Conditional statements that could be preventing the Emails from sending?? if you could share a screenshot of the Trigger that is sending the Email, we can look into what could be causing this.

thanks, and welcome to the Community!!

Hi @gio, thanks for answering.

There are triggers for sending Emails, but the triggers aren’t the problem, because sometimes the same trigger sends the mail and sometimes not.
Attached a screenshot for example:

We also noticed this problem in other situations, always when using the player (the run option). In the test option everything works.
For example: we get error- connector failed, or sometimes a button isn’t working (after it work several minutes before) and so on… and again, only while using the run option.

OK, thanks for clarifying @Heli.Levy.

if Actions are failing, this could impact subsequent Actions in the Trigger depending on the logic. does the Connector Details have different settings depending on the Environment that could be affecting how the Connector Functions execute from Production vs. Testing??