Record placeholder is not closed when the player is closed

Hi Tulip Dev

Record placeholder is not cleared if we close the Tulip player while a record is loaded. (If we just close the app by clicking the X on the top left corner in MS Windows)
We have no control if the operator shuts down the computer at the end of the day, or sudden power loss. And this is a possibility.

The way I can tell the record placeholder is not cleared is when I go to the tables and try to delete the record I get this message.
record cannot be deleted

However, a second station is able to edit the record while the first station still has the record loaded. (IMO this is not a good thing. 2 operators should not be allowed to edit the same record.)

Upon restart of the Tulip player the record is cleared. (Ie i can delete the record)
If I use the Tulip menu “Change App” button the problem does not occur.
Putting a trigger on “App cancel” to clear the record placeholder does not fix the problem.
Button trigger on station 2 “clear all record placeholders” does not clear the placeholder loaded in station 1 that was closed.

My payer version is up to date

OS 2020 OCT 20

Hey @Rakitha -

Good call. A request went in a handful of weeks ago to “delete anyway?” on that warning screen you see right now. You can do this from the Tables API, but not directly from the Table UI.

This is a very intentional choice and something at the heart of what makes Tables powerful. I can see a case where 1 record per station makes sense, but there are also many where this functionality is incredibly useful-

  • Maybe 3 stations are all working to complete a single assembly order, them sharing the record is essential to achieve this.
  • Maybe an operator can create a defect report, then the quality manager can disposition that record.
  • Maybe a dashboard app is doing some basic calculation that you don’t want to run within the main production app (for trigger complexity), this mandates multiple stations to be able to work on the same data.

The reality is there are probably more rigid table phenotypes that we should enable users to use:

  • a ready-only table type
  • a table where records cannot be edited after being written
  • a table where only one station can edit a created record
  • a table where only one station can load records at a time
  • and probably many more

The thing we struggle with on the product side is finding a solution that would allow you to lock down a table your way without being overly prescriptive on how we expect you to use tables.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett,
Makes sense…
but shouldn’t the record place holder be released when the app is closed? The variables get cleared, but not the placeholder.