Reference Workspace in a Tulip App

Is there some way to reference in a Tulip Application the current Workspace we are working on as we can reference the station name or another info.

Hi Ricardo, I am a product manager on the Tulip team. What are you trying to accomplish by referencing the workspace name in the app? This is an interesting idea.

Hi Kevein, the idea will be simmilar as we can put as app info station name or current step name. To have info related to the workspace in which we are currently working. Is there some way to reference in the application or at the moment isn´t there any possibility?

Hi Ricardo, it is not possible today, but if I better understand your goals, perhaps there is some other way to achieve the same thing… for example, are you importing/exporting apps between instances and need to reference the workspace where the app is imported? Are you using Enterprise App Exchange? Just trying to see if maybe there is some modification to another feature that might help you.

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