Release 172- October 2019

These are the product updates in release 172.

Release 172 goes live to all “production” customers on 10/27/19.


Product Changes

Upgrade to HTTP and SQL Connectors

  • Visual improvements for both HTTP and SQL connectors
  • Test HTTP connectors with one click. No need to test them in apps.
  • Point and click to define which data to store in “Outputs”

New Styling Options for Buttons, Images

  • Add a drop shadow and border radius to buttons and images

Edit Multiple Widgets At Once

  • If you click and drag to select multiple elements, you can now edit properties like font style and background color


New Knowledge Base Articles

How To Add a Grid Widget to A Step

How To Add a Gauge Widget To Your Step

How To Calculate First Pass Yield with a “Number” Analysis

How To Create a Pareto Chart of Common Defects

How To View Cycle Time Statistics by User with a “Table” Analysis

How To Analyze Quality Inspection Checklists with a “Multiple Variables” Analysis

How To Compare Defects by Type and by Day using the “Compare By” Field

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