Release 177 - January 2020

These are the product updates in release 177.

Release 177 goes live to all “production” customers on 1/27/2020.


Product Changes

New “Color” variable data type allows you to dynamically update colors

  • You can now update and store colors every time an operator uses an app.

New “Print” functionality allows you to print out live app data or save it in a local PDF

  • When an operator completes an app, they can now print a formatted step with all the relevant values from their most recent operation

Use RFID as an event in the App Builder rather than login method

  • You can now choose whether to use an RFID scanner as a login method OR as a device within an app. Reach out to if you would like to use RFID scanner events within an app.

Renamed “Date Ranges” to “Current Hour” and “Current Week”

  • We replaced some confusing wording in the Analytics Builder with the “Current Hour” and “Current Week” date ranges

“Datetime” data type supported as input and output in SQL and HTTP connectors

  • You can now both send and receive datetime data via SQL and HTTP connectors

Combine “Interval” data with “datetime” data in the Expression Editor

  • Improvement 1: Intervals are now always expressed in seconds across Analytics Builder and Trigger Editor
  • Improvement 2: Adding a number or integer to an interval returns an interval
  • Improvement 3: Adding/subtracting interval from datetime data now returns a datetime data type

New “Dropdown” widget on normal Steps

  • Add dropdowns to normal Steps and dynamically add options via a Connector or array variable

Send XML bodies via HTTP connectors

  • You can now format your HTTP queries in XML rather than plaintext


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