Release 176 - January 2020

These are the product updates in release 176.

Release 176 goes live to all “production” customers on 1/5/2020.


Product Changes


Use Form Inputs in Normal Steps

  • You can now add form inputs to normal steps! So far, “text” and “number” data types are available, with more coming in the next few months.


Prevent specific app completions from being used in analytics

  • Now, there is a checkbox next to every app completion in the “Completions” tab so that you can manually prevent certain app completions from being considered in analytics


New “User Fields” screen

  • Rather than using a table to manage user properties, you can now use the “User Fields” screen under the “People” tab

SAML login is now available

  • If your organization uses SAML to manage a user directory, you can now use SAML authentication to allow users to log in to Tulip

Re-send activation emails from the “People” tab

  • You can now use re-send invite emails to users who do not activate their account in the required 24 hour period.

Set custom scale for the Y-axis in the Analytics Builder

  • You can now set minimum and maximum values for the Y-axis in the Analytics Builder


New Knowledge Base Articles


@kevin.kononenko Very excited to see the Form Inputs in the normal steps! That will help a lot with users who focus on process monitoring without work instructions.


Glad to hear it @kpostel! And we will be adding more input types over the next few releases so that you can fully replace the functionality of Form Steps.

No release 177 this week-end?

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Hey Youri, release 177 will be released on 1/27. We skipped a release due to the holidays.