Release 178- February 2020

These are the product updates in release 178.

Release 178 goes live to all “production” customers on 2/10/2020.


"Undo" command now available in the App builder!

Good news! You can now “undo” these events with any widget (button, shape, image etc.)

  • Moving a widget
  • Resizing a widget
  • Rotating a widget

Hit “Control+Z” on Windows or “CMD+Z” on Mac to try it out. You can only “undo” the latest event.

Group by “Number” and “Integer” variables in the Analytics Builder

  • You can now group bars in the Analytics Builder based on a “number” or “integer” variable

"Delete Record" Trigger action is now available

  • You can now delete records using logic in the Trigger Editor

New metadata columns in Tables

  • Tables now automatically display the time that each record was created and last updated. These timestamps cannot be used in trigger logic (yet!)

Very excited about the automatic metadata on tables - that’ll make my table triggers a lot more streamlined :slight_smile:

@pencerw Just added a note, but those values cannot be used in trigger logic at the moment. It can only be displayed on the Triggers page.

@kevin.kononenko Sorry, I was being unclear - I’ve been using datetime fields in a few tables (including the Entry Log described here) to see when events are happening. Getting those fields to propagate is a multi step process, though, and now that the record creation time is automatically set I can clear out all of those and make my table record creation triggers a lot simpler.

Ahhh nice, got it! That makes sense.