Release 175 - December 2019

These are the product updates in release 175.

Release 175 goes live to all “production” customers on 12/16/19.


Product Changes

Compare Two Timestamps In Apps

  • Use the Expression Editor to subtract one timestamp from another and find the difference, and store that in a variable.

IF() function in the Analytics Builder

  • Conditionally show specific values in the analyses depending on the values of variables in app completions. Similar to IF() in Excel. Also, the NULLIF() function is now available, which is similar.

Use “Multiselect” values in the Table analysis

  • You can now show “Multiselect” widget values in the Table analysis

“Year” field now available for grouping data in the Analytics Builder

  • You can now organize data based on the year when the data was collected

Show/hide axis labels in the Analytics Builder

  • Hide the axis labels and titles in the Analytics Builder

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