Release 193 - September 2020

These are the product updates in release 193.

Release 193 goes live to all production customers on 9/27/2020.

Configurable date and time

From your account settings, you can now customize the Datetime Format across your instance. For further customization, reach out to a Tulip representative.
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Ability to map functions in the expression editor

We have now added map functions that allow you to map corresponding values based on a given key. The outputted values can be mapped to an array of the selected type.

For example, you might use MAP_TO_TEXT_LIST() to get a text array of all the Titles. Read more about the map functions that are available.

You can now copy machine types

From the Machine Types Page, you can now easily copy references to triggers, states, downtime reasons, and attributes from an existing machine type, and edit them without altering the original.

Improvements to Pareto Charts in Analytics

With this new release, your Pareto charts may look different. We have updated the way Tulip displays the y-axis to optimize scaling. With this change, Pareto charts with a large difference between value sizes should be easier to read.

A Pareto chart in Tulip before release 193.

A Pareto chart with improved y-axis scaling.

Other Features


Looking forward to using the configurable date and time feature!

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