Release 194 - October 2020

These are the product updates in release 194.

Release 194 goes live to all production customers on 10/11/2020.

New functions in the expression editor

  • PARSETOTEXT function that converts anything into text.
  • USER ID TO USER function converts integers to a user in Tulip.
  • SECONDS TO INTERVAL function converts seconds to an interval. An integer value of 20 would return the interval of 0:00:20

Clear all fields in a table

We’ve added a trigger action called “Clear Record Fields” that clears all of the fields in a table record.

iOS Support for Tulip Player

Previously a beta feature, the Tulip Player now runs smoothly safari browsers on devices running iOS and iPadOS.

Generic serial drivers

The generic serial driver allows the IoT Gateway to communicate with other devices using a common serial protocol. The generic serial driver is now enabled by default.

New actions for manipulating arrays

When creating and manipulating arrays, there are new options available to you. These align with array methods in JavaScript. New options:

  • Add after index
  • Remove and store elements at index in an array
  • Swap elements in Array


Other Features and Fixes

  • [BETA] App builder preview/Dev mode. More coming soon!
  • [BETA] History widget for audit logs coming in LTS4.
  • [BETA] OAuth support coming to connectors at runtime. More coming soon!
  • The barcode scanning widget on iOS has been fixed
  • A bug with DateTime customization, released in r193, has been resolved
  • Player navigation sounds can be mute