Release 237 - September 2022

Hey everyone! Another release goes live on most accounts today, with the remaining accounts receiving it in the next few days. Below are some of the highlights:

A new Knowledge Base is LIVE!

:iphone: App Editor

  • You can pick a static file as a datasource in triggers
  • Full table descriptions are now shown on the tables page
  • The “link to” table dropdown is now searchable when creating a new linked record column in a table
  • Users can now edit the label and description of the ID field in tables :tada:

:bar_chart: Analytics

  • Deprecated analysis features “Show Target Cycle Time”, “Show X Axis Cycle Time”, and “Show Y Axis Cycle Time” in the analytics editor
  • Added minimum data set length for quality assessment for forecasting (this is behind a feature flag)

:computer: Stations, Devices, and Machines

  • Harmonized keyboard-event based barcode scanners between browser and desktop player apps.

:lady_beetle: Fixes, Bugs, and Performance Improvements

  • The app icon has been adjusted on Android phones to have better proportions
  • Spaces are added between workspace roles when creating a multi-workspace user
  • Users can open the settings drawer in the mobile app from the menu in player

Hi, can you detail this new feature?

@youri.regnaud Essentially it allows you to store a static file as a variable, as shown below


I’m not sure if this is a new feature in this release or I’m just now seeing it. How do you open a folder?
I’m getting an error for a file type extension.

Hey guys,
I can confirm what @jjj said and this is the result when i try to open a folder on my computer using static value :

I’ve just reproduced this as well - after asking internally it seems that in order for this to work you need to be using player version 1.8.x which will be released to Production this Saturday!

Thanks for flagging

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Good news @FahdERM and @jjj , if you want to use this now it is available on the Release channel. You can access it here

And then check for updates

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Hey @freedman,
Thank you for these good news. I have tested it and it works perfectly. :wink:


@freedman How do you create a “multi-workspace” User? All the info I have seen states only a single Workspace per User.

@jboyle it looks like this particular capability is still in development, though it could likely be made available to you and your team if you spoke with your account manager or support. The feature that you would want to enable is called “multipleRolesWorkspacesPerUser”

Thanks and sorry for any confusion these release notes may have caused!