Release notes for LTS12

Hi tulip,

While preparing LTS12 upgrade the gxp docs / release notes for LTS12 exist in two revisions : rev 1 and rev 2 release notes. I had initially prepared based on rev 1 docs. While reviewing the changes done in version 2 it would appear that two items have been removed form the release notes:

PLAT-29421 - LTS12 - On the settings page, users can see an aliased garden name.
PLAT-31395 - LTS12 - Introduce new settings to customize the amount of time toast messages stay on player. Add a close button to toasts.

I can see that the second item exist in my LTS12 release:

Could you investigate why this is changed in the release notes portion of the gxp documentation?
Also if someone knows and could educate me; what is an “aliased garden name”?

thanks in advance!

Hi Asger!

Sorry for the delay here, but there is now a Rev3 LTS 12 Tulip Docs. In releasing Rev. 2 of LTS12 Tulip Docs, we inadvertently adjusted the ticket filtering, omitting the two tickets from the Rev. 1 Release Notes. that you noted here. These have been reinstated in the corrected Rev. 3 Release Notes.

Also regarding your question about “aliased garden name” - this refers to the region in which your Tulip environment is hosted. So in the screenshot you have above, you can see on lower left corner your version, deploy date, and garden. This garden name is aliased from what Tulip calls it internally.

Hopefully this all makes sense!

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