Round up or down an expression


It will be a good idea to have an option on the function ROUND().

Indeed, i create an app to help operators to receive purchase order. In my process, i have to label my products, but they can be packed by 5pc, 10pc… So i calculate how many labels i have to print.
For example: i receive 16 tools and they are packed by 10 units, so i have to print 2 labels (ROUNDUP(16/2),0)

Do you have any idea to do this currently easily ?


hello @Guillaume, that’s a great question!!

one way to solve this could be to add an If Condition that checks if there are decimals when dividing number of tools by packed by and adding 1 if so.

here’s a quick example. as you can see, if there is a decimal (meaning there is a non-full box) the Trigger adds 1 to the output while using the ROUND() function:

otherwise, it simply divides the number of tools by packed by:

as you can see here, we’ll need to print 3 labels regardless is third box is full or not:

would this work as a solution for you?? let me know if I misunderstood something!!