Saving files to shared network

We are building our work instructions now, which often involve saving photos or data files related to the procedure. Today, we save them on our local network drive or in Microsoft SharePoint, and that way everyone in the company is able to view them. We thought of uploading them directly to the app in Tulip while performing the procedure. The challenges with that are:

  1. It is not easy to find the photo or data in tulip. You have to know which completion record to check in order to find it, and with our many subassemblies, this isn’t always simple.
  2. Members of the company that don’t use Tulip won’t be able to access them

Do you have a suggestion for how to handle this? Ideally, the Tulip app would upload the photo/data to the relevant SharePoint folder for that instrument, but I don’t know how easy this is to implement. Or is there an easy way to download all associated files/photos to a specific instrument and then we could put that in our shared folder?

Hi Sosh,

In general you will always need a Tulip app or dashboard to view files stored in Tulip, this way you can tailor which completion record or table to pull the images from. If you want people with no Tulip login to view the photos you can create a dashboard with slideshows and share it.

You can store images in both the completion log and Tables, and with LTS9 you can even upload files into table column.

In order to have the images and files stored in SharePoint from a Tulip App you would have to explore the use of a Connector to your SharePoint provider. We don’t have a SharePoint connector in the Library but there is a Connector to Teams that may be helpful?

Hope this helps?

  • Gilad