Downloading Player Picture

Hi Guys,
Is it possible to donwload or save a picture from the running app in the player to a local PC or tablet. Imagine that i have taken apicture and store it in a Tulip table. When displaying this picture on an app step, can i download it by a right clic or not?
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Hey @FahdERM -

This isn’t currently possible within the product but could be achieved with a custom widget.

What is the use-case where you want to store these files locally? The objective of Tulip as a whole is to leverage cloud data storage to get away from a million local files that are only accessible on single machines.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett,
Thank you for your answer. In fact, customer want to store the images taken on the onedrive cloud. And i have tried the action “Save image” and it did what i want to do. So, i will use it in a trigger to save pictures’ variables on the one drive directory.

Right on @FahdERM!

There is a bit of work nearing completion around more file support throughout Tulip, so that might also help fill the gap you ran into.


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