Download path for Save Image trigger

Hello Community,

I am trying to download images from a tulip table via the Same Image trigger. This works fine for my own download directory when I select the path as a static value to c:\users*myusername*\downloads.

Is there any easy way to select the download path of the specific user / device the player is used on to enable a local download feature for these images for my users?


Is there any easy way to solve this?

Hey @Alex -

Thanks for the bump! Started testing on this one and it slipped through! 2 different ways to handle this:

  1. Use an app variable to track the and an expression to add this variable to the middle of the file path:

    '/Users/' + @variable.user + '/Downloads'
  2. Leverage the logged in user to automatically populate this field

Note: This will require that the user names match exactly the user names on the windows machines:

'/Users/' + @app info.logged-in '/Downloads'

  1. Bonus Option - The User Table allows you to add additional metadata about users, and leverage this field in your triggers:

Note: This custom user field will need to be populated for each user, and exactly match their windows username


Hi Pete,

Thanks for your fast reply. Shame on me that I forgot to use the expression editior for this :clown_face:

I tried your approach using a variable for the username. The user now has the possibility to enter his windows user, or a complete file path or alternative to select a fixed folder on a network drive. This all worked flawlessly yesterday and the images were saved in the desired location.

However I tried it again today and it won’t work anymore. I did not make any changes to the app since then. When using the app in the player the save image trigger runs for about two minutes but nothing happens. When testing the app in the developer mode the save trigger opens the image immediately in a new browser tab.

Is there any way to see whats wrong here?

I also do have some problems with another use case.

The above use case captures photos using the camera widget and saves them to a Tulip table. The photos can then be loaded from the table and saved via the save image trigger if required.

However, in another use case, the save image trigger does not work at all. In this use case, photos are loaded from Azure through a connector and displayed in an app. The user should have the option to save these photos locally, but the save image trigger gives this error:


The photo is displayed in the app without any problems.

What is the reason for this?

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What really means is you missed you 24 hr window to backdoor download the images before the key expired, permanently lock the data into server that only tulip can access. Yes, this currently a major issue for me, since I need this data to share with both Tulip and MS.