About the issues I am having with the component IMAGE INPUT TRIGGERS

About the issues I am having with the component IMAGE INPUT TRIGGERS

1.How can I save the uploaded image to the specified path?
So far I have done this (First saving the image information to the SQL server table was successful, but saving the uploaded image to the specified path and renaming it failed), no pictures were uploaded to my folder, what might be the problem?

2.When I set the Image URL to Variable, the image was successfully uploaded to an unknown location(https://tulipaspacdevfac.blob.core.windows.net/easde7/images%2F6xYaaenctmQpR2o4o_225336_16397528160026_jpg?sv=2019-02-02&st=2022-10-11T06%3A19%3A49Z&se=2022-10-12T06%3A19%3A49Z&skoid=3ed59330-87fa-4086-931c-faccd0686480&sktid=3ac94b33-9135-4821-9502-eafda6592a35&skt=2022-10-10T05%3A14%3A40Z&ske=2022-10-17T05%3A14%3A40Z&sks=b&skv=2019-02-02&sr=b&sp=r&sig=5XcPHGv542NoBVVevDbqHhJ7zXBgE6vhaElGD6ZkXQk%3D),maybe because of account authorization issues?

but the program would report an error. I would like to know the default location of image storage and why this error is caused?

If there is a better way to use this component, or upload it to a local path, please let me know

@Pete_Hartnett , could you please help us to check this case? The two questions,

  1. Where and how to get the real URL after the picture upload into Tulip?
  2. Do we have any function clarification/video about the ‘Save image’ to allow us specify the target uploading directory?