Uploading image from file system


I did try to search on community and also support site but I can not find what should be quite obvious.

I’m creating form step for inserting new product into table. Table has multiple fields including image. When creating new product image of product must be loaded into variable from device file system (mainly from Windows thru file dialog).

I’m unable to find any help or documentation for my use case. So please if someone can point out how to upload image into variable.


Follow up.

I’m aware of uploading image in Form Step. But form step offers limited formatting and uploaded image is not shown correctly ( cropped so user can not be sure correct image was selected).


hello @ermingut,

it is currently only possible to upload images to the Player via a Form Step as you’re correctly doing. this feature (uploading from Regular Step) has been requested in the past here: Upload file with Input Camera Widget, feel free to add a comment.

if you would like to see the image, you can display the variable in a Regular Step: