While Saving an Image Custom Image File Names

Hi All,

New to Tulip and working on a photo capturing application. While saving the photos I need to be able to give the image files specific names. I’m not seeing any attributes in the trigger to allow for the naming of the files. The photos are captured in a previous step and saved to a Tulip table and then exported once all photos are captured.

Is there a solution for this or will I need to create something custom?

Hey Joseph – welcome to Tulip community!

If you add a file name to the path, it’ll save the file with that name as well. Eg if you use “C:\Documents/Orders/image.jpeg”, it’ll save it as image.jpeg in the Orders folder. You could also use an expression to make this filename dynamic with a variable or something like that. Let me know if that works for you!

Hi mglidden, Thank you for the welcome.

I am using an expression to create a dynamic folder path. How can I use it to create a custom filename in the expression?

Something like this should handle what you need:

I’m adding a random string in there (so it doesn’t overwrite an existing file), but you could also use a variable there.


Thank you mglidden for the response.