Saving values to an edge device

Is there a way to save values to a text file or some other non volatile storage? I have a project with an Edge MC and two voltage phigits. I am measuring sensors and performing calibration with an app. The Calibration data is passed to the Edge MC through a connector to perform real-time calibration correction to the raw data. My issue is when the edge MC loses power I have to re send the connector to the Edge MC or my readings will not work.

Were do you want to store your data and how would this prevent you from re send the connector?
And when in the process do you want to safe it and when and how do you want to get the data to process it?

Node red can save data to a text file.
As far as I know you cant directly save data from TULIP to your local machine.
But I can imagine a workaround. Depends on what exactly is needed

I just need it to store a few values and re load it at boot up a text file would be fine. It is a calibration factor y=mx+b to correct raw values of a sensor. I am currently storing the values in tulip and re sending them with a connector because node red forgets the values when edge Mc is powered down. An inject to read the text file would be fine. I would like to be able to overwrite the values with new m and b values when calibration is performed.