Serial Output to Printer

@David2 ,

Good question - all the Zebra printers in the TEC work over RS232/serial, as it’s the method I prefer (no issues with network security or IP reassignment!). In short, you just send a message to the printer with your ZPL and it gets parsed.

Moreover, you can send serial commands from Edge devices but I recommend doing it right from Player with the Generic-Serial (Player Only) driver - this keeps all your message config et al within the Trigger Editor, without having to bounce back out to the Driver config page to make changes.

The one caveat here is that you need to know the COM port of the printer. You can make this a manual input, but I prefer to automate it with this method. “The printer isn’t working because the plug was swapped” is a non-unfrequent error, and this avoids that entirely.

Final thing to note is that Expressions with any null value (e.g. an empty variable) parse into a fully null string - use Link functions like I do if there’s a possibility of a variable being empty to avoid labels not printing in such a case.

Sample triggers for connect (I do this on app startup) and print are below. Let me know if this helps!

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