Show if a variable is read and/or written in the "Where used" column


As a variable is used more and more in an app, it can be difficult to know exactly how it is used. Although the Variables > Where used column is quite useful (notably by listing the trigger names with links to them), we don’t know much more. In particular, we don’t know if the variable is read or written. I often find myself in a situation where I read a variable a lot and only write it few times. Those writes are in general what I’m interested in.

Do you think it would be interesting to add a Show writes only checkbox somewhere to only list triggers where the variable is written? or convey this information differently, e.g. with an eye and/or pencil icon next to the trigger names?

+1 this is a great idea which would really help debugging. I will only add that it would be really helpful for table records too.

I agree with @danielpomeranz that this is a great idea! We noted this in our system and will definitely consider in our future plans. Thanks @fti for the suggestion!