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I’m doing now a review on someone else code and reached to this one, I wanted to be sure that those SMS sent to users that are still in the same position as they where when this code was written (or choosen) but when I’m pressing on the blue circle, for example, with AA inside it, I get several users with initials of AA so I can’t know to which the developer ment and can’t confirm this value.

In our particular case, I can’t ask the developer because he isn’t working in my company anymore so, I don’t have any source info.

Please consider how to improve this data in trigger.

Amit Berku

Hey @Amit -

I totally agree with you on this one - while condensing down to initials saves space, you end up having to expand each one to verify who it is going to.

I wrote a feature request to address this one. Would showing the full user name be adequate?


Hi Pete,
Yes, full username will be very useful or First name + Family name, but user name have much more power


Hey @Amit -

Right on - Let me work with our engineering teams to see if we can get this changed.

Thanks a bunch!

Hey @Amit -

Discovered this was a documented bug, this compressing of username was never intended, but it looked so intentional we didn’t catch it in QA for 1 version. The work is done to resolve it, and you should see the full user First + Last in either r231 or r232 (r231 should be rolled out to all customers by the end of the week).

Thanks for reporting this behavior-