How to display user without showing Tulip assigned characters?


I apologize if this has already been asked, wasn’t sure what to put in the search bar for this.

Is there a way to display the User without showing the Tulip assigned ID?

I recognize an alternative is to save the user’s name as a text table record, but then to reference back in order to make a trigger to email the user feels like unnecessary extra steps.

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Hi @Levi, this is a good question, but unfortunately it’s not possible to display a user without displaying the assigned ID. I would suggest submitting a product suggestion here to make sure this request gets in front of the appropriate teams.

Where do you get the value from and how do you display it?
I Don’t understand completely how you ran into this issue.

@John Thank you for the reply. I will submit a product suggestion.

@thorsten.langner The value is assigned by Tulip itself (I believe if you set up SAML logins, this may go away?). There are a number of ways to display it, but the quick and easy way would be to create a User variable, and create a data manipulation trigger to store “App Info → Logged in User” into the variable. When you run/test the app, the variable will display “NAME (AAA####)”.

Thats why I’m asking. It does not show the User ID in my test cases (no SAML active):

I see. It’s likely because we’re using custom fields:

Thats still remarkably, even there the ID is only in the Title at our instance:


Fascinating… I am quite jealous of your situation. I have no idea what might the difference between our two situations may be. @John Might you know why?

@Levi, this is display happens when Tulip has GxP feature flags enabled. If this is true of your instance, that’s likely what’s happening. I ran this past some of our product folks, and I’m going to submit a feature request to look into making the presentation of user’s names something you can edit in the settings.

I see, yes that is true. Thanks for clearing this up, and thank you for submitting the request!