Signee excluding one or more people

It would be helpful to have the signee in the signature widget to be someone other than a particular person or a list of persons in addition to anyone besides app executor. Several people works on our production batch and we need someone other than these people to do the review and sign to get an independent pair of eyes (i.e. the supervisor). Currently I save the list of production people that worked on the batch by storing their user names as a text string in a table record which can be split into an array if need to. Suggest something like the inverse of the “Specify a list of allowed users” which would be “specify a list of excluded users”. Is there a way to exclude the production people from signing the signature widget besides the app executor based on a variable or array that contains all the excluded users.

Hi Terrance, thanks for this. Two thoughts for you:

  1. We will be releasing a proper User Groups feature later this year, so you will be able to specify a proper group of users that can sign each signature. Will that be a good solution?
  2. In the short term, we have also seen users utilize User Fields to accomplish this. You could create a User Field called “current batch” or similar, and then overwrite the value of that field when an operator works on a batch. Then, when a user in the Player is attempting to enter a step with a signature, you could specify a rule saying "if the value of the “current batch” field in the the User Table is NOT (this batch), then allow them into the step with the signature. Does that make sense?

We could have different people working on different batch of the same part number, therefore the user group would need to constantly change based on who is working on a specific batch. For the second suggestion, One person can be an operator on multiple batches at the same time because some batches take several days to complete, and people jump from one section of a batch to another section on another batch during the week depending on their special skills.

The idea of having a prior step to check if the current logged in user can sign could work by checking against the operator list for the batch which are saved as text strings for each section of the production batch.