Speed Loss Calculation

In my machine monitoring dashboard, it can pull data from machine with actual running speed. But sometime the speed is lower than target. How can we calculate the speed loss? We shall create a database and link the data via recipe name or recipe No.

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that’s an interesting question, do you have an App that is running at each Machine?? I’m asking as you can process machine outputs with App logic that should help in achieving what you’re describing. here’s a quick example of an App Trigger that subtracts 10,000 from the Spindle Speed for example to store the value in a Variable named Speed Loss:

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Hi Gio,

Yes we have an App for each machine. The max. speed is documented but cannot directly get from machine. We have a similar table in excel as below. How to link recipe NO. to max. speed? Then i can use variable to calculate the speed loss using expression. Thanks!


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hello @Vivi.Zhu, is the above information already in a Tulip Table?? if not, you can upload it via CSV: How to Import a Spreadsheet into a Table | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

once that’s done, you can link a Record to your App using Table Record Placeholders: How To Modify Tables Within the App Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps and link the Recipe ID to the Max Speed to calculate the speed loss. would that work correctly??

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