Station sub-groups

To be able to organize stations with sub-groups, just like apps, would be very useful.


Sure. Within our instance, we have a number of different value streams that we will be deploying apps to. Within those value streams are different functional groups (i.e: assembly, weld, paint). Within those functional groups are different work stations. It just boils down to being able to more quickly find what I’m looking for.

Even just changing the look of the list would be more helpful - there is a lot of empty space between station names so I can only see ~8-9 before having to scroll. Adding a keyword search would be helpful too but that seems like more of a nice to have.

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Essentially, “station” = “device”. At our plant we will be implementing the possibility of hundreds of devices including tablets, laptops, desktops, mini pc, mobile phones. On top of that, a limited number of the devices will be set up with 2 stations to be ran through the Tulip Player app and a Tulip Player web browser.

Having an improved method of organizing stations will take a load off of the station supervisor.


@Jeff , @schexb

I know i’m hitting an old thread here, but i’m doing user research into how people set up Stations and Devices, I have some new user flows to test, and I’m also doing user research into how people use the shop floor. would love to set something up, email if you’re interested.