Hide Station Groups for specific Users

Hello together,
I would like to know if there is a possibility, when a user registers and defines a new device, to select only a certain number of groups.

Hey @jajzler -

There isn’t a way to do this right now, but I will write a feature request for it.

We think about the product based on user personas when scoping functionality. When it comes to station assignment we assume most of the users doing the 1-time setup of stations are engineer/technician types who can be allowed more flexibility than a feature intended to be used by operators.

It sounds like that assumption of user persona isn’t correct in your case? You have many users registering stations and are struggling to get them assigned to the right group? Understanding how people want to use Tulip drives what features we work on, so your insight would be fantastic!


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Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

that is exactly the case. :grin:
We try to take the work off the users in the company and only want to represent the groups that are tailored to you.

We also have some suppliers that we want to integrate in order to collect data and there it would also be enormously important to define the groups in advance so that the data cannot be misused among each other.