Allow new users to set up their own stations

Maybe there is something I’m missing with the whole separation of responsibilities thing, but every time we introduce a new user to Tulip, we have to do a screen share with them to be able to log in as a Station Supervisor and set up their device. It would be really nice if they could just be given a one time code or something that let them get up and running in a default station group, and then a Station Supervisor could reorganize/rename as they saw fit.


Agreed, the need for an admin to be involved in every device registration is problematic, especially when considering mobile devices and personal computers.

Hey, this is definitely a gap currently. We are planning on implementing the “one time link” suggestion pretty much exactly as you described- a user with “create” privileges for stations will be able to create one time links that allow operators to set up their own stations.

Look out for this functionality in the product in the next 2 months! Will update this thread when I have an exact date.


That’s a great start! Will new users be able to request this one time link or will it have to be coordinated outside of user interaction with Tuliip?

The one time link will need to be generated within the Stations page, so it must be done by a user with the ability to create new Stations.

Great news! This is now available. Check it out here: Setting up Shareable Stations | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

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