Station type field in tables

Since the Tulip platform allows printing to a printer using an IP address, we would like to create a table to link station to the printer’s IP address. To secure this table, it would be interesting to have a “Station” type in the table fields (like for the machine)

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@youri.regnaud I am trying to fully understand this. Could you share what the schema of both tables might look like in this scenario?

For example, how would the station data type allow you to load data from a second table?

The problem to be solved is to know the IP address of the printer “linked” to the station, now that this link is no longer supported by the assignment of the gateway to the station. In the short term we will create a table with 2 fields

ID = Station Name
Printer IP = IP


ID must be the name of the station in order to retrieve the record in applications

Des solutions pourraient être :

  • Stations Name type field can be use as table ID
  • Custom Field in station UI (as User, Machine Type, …)

Solutions could be :

  • Stations Name type field can be used as table ID
  • Custom Field in station UI (as User, Machine Type, …)

I hope it’s clearer


Ahh that was very helpful. Yes, we are calling this concept “Station Tables” internally. I think we want to take the second approach that you mentioned because it will help in multiple situations.

I will update this thread when we begin work on it!


Let’s go for “Station Tables” :grinning: