Supermarket widget

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a widget I was playing around with today.

I wanted a more visually interactive widget for supermarket applications. What do you think?


You’ve just given me lots of ideas!

Please share them! I’m still building the widget and excited to try it out in our demo factory. I’ve just added a condition where, if there is a stockout, the bins blink. Also, the widget takes an input for number of shelves and bins per shelf.

I’m also working the app logic and tulip table side of things (which I think is the most fun part usually). I currently have an item master table, an inventory table, and a locations table.

Some ideas :

I really think that an AR solution like this one Augmented Reality - Products | Scandit integrated to Tulip as a custom widget could be a really crazy thing!

  • About your use case set up a supermarket can be often complex, a app to set supermarket (loop size, bin allocation, …) can be great also

  • definitely, widgets can help us to improve the display of kanban loops for production as Kanban Board, Trigger board, Heijunka, Polca, CONWIP,

  • G-Code file diff, editor for CNC operator

  • Photo gallery widget to scroll between photo

  • Image annotation for quality (

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