New Library Content Requests

Let us know what content you’d love to see on the library!

Content can include: Apps, Automations, Connectors, Custom Widgets, and more!

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Some ideas :

Custom widget to read CAD file from major CAD provider ( Catia, Creo, …)

Custom widget with Scandit SDK integration for advanced scanning (already discuss with ecosystem team)

Kanban table style custom widget (Trello, Airtable like)

And referring to material IO Components – Material Design 3

Segmented button


Progress indicator

Snackbar (advanced message widget with action)




Love it!

Some of these custom widgets could be quick wins. TEll me more about:

Segmented button
Progress indicator

We can push on these soon

@youri.regnaud - We have a MVP of Kanban widget. Would you have some particular use cases in mind?
Creating a card:
creating task

Updating status
Board and Tulip table interacting

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Of course! We use Kanban in SAP to trigger replenishment (purchase order, production order, warehouse order) SAP Help Portal

We have a Kanban API (close to that SAP Business Accelerator Hub) that we use in Tulip to change Kanban status. With this widget we can create a Kanban board to visualize Kanban status

Hi Eddy - is this Kanban widget out there in the wild yet? Can think of a few use cases so be good to play with it…

Is the widget works with HTTP connector data (and not only table)? Is the change of column can trigger an event (to call an connector when you change column)?

i am also very interested in getting my hands on this widget!