Table Color Driven Shape Colors

Hey All,

Looking to develop an ‘and-on’ board for the floor where at a glance maintenance and management can see who is needed at each machine. Some ‘needs’ can be triggered my machine information (say if cycle time goes x% below target alert supervisor) but others need to be trigger by an operator (requesting bathroom break or something). Because of this requirement we cant use machine states and machine record boxes.

To do this we have the app at each press pushing to a press status table with some key information including the ‘press status color’ which is a color type variable.

The issue we have is we cant naively have this table record value drive a shape color like we can with an app variable. The only real way to do this would be to have a time based trigger on the master layout that saves those table record values to app variables, and then shapes driven off the app variables, but this is less than optimal when we have several hundred machines we are monitoring.

Seems like an easy win.


That does not sound something you want to do several hundred times in triggers :slight_smile: This is a good idea, I have submitted this direct to our product team.