Taking a look at the new First Pass Yield Library app

In a recent release of the Tulip Library, we added a First Pass Yield app.

The First Pass Yield application enables users to track the number of good units produced without any need for rework and acts as a good indicator of quality. The First Pass Yield percentage is calculated by counting the number of units that pass successfully on the first attempt, divided by the total number of units that enter the system.


This application is for you if you are looking to:

  • Gauge the quality of raw materials coming in
  • Gauge the number of units produced that never require any rework
  • Identify the percentage of units that pass the quality test after undergoing rework

You can start by creating a new part and giving it a serial number, and then are promoted with the choice to pass or fail the part.

As you do this, the metrics update at the top of the app and show:

  • First Pass Yield calculation
  • Total parts inspected
  • Yield of successful parts
  • Percent of reworked parts

To rework a part, simply reenter the serial number and pass a failed part.

The app also features a spot for instructions for operators to know what inspection needs to be performed.

To see the app in action, watch this video.

To get started with the app in the Library, visit tulip.co/library/

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