The problem of keeping existing data in a column and updating new data to the column

I wanted to keep the original data on every update, so I used (column=column+‘; ‘+$column$).
Text type data can be used in this way, but the date format after I save and run continued to error.
If you remove the (+’;’), which works, but the original date and the next date will add up,which I don’t want.
I have tried various methods can not succeed, can you help me to achieve this.


A datetime can only contain one datetime. You could have another column of text type and concat the datetime into it. Or you could have a many to one table relationship to keep a history.

How can one Dataset (one row in the table) have more than one creation date?
Don’t you want to put the new data in a ne row?

So the question is: Do you want to update data (change an exising row), or do you want to input data (addnew data to a new row)?