Variable Store to table


I have a question.
I have in a table a production start time and production complete time
How can i get the production time? "Production complete time - Production start time.

My problem is, I want to store Variable “eindtijd” in to my table

On this place

Thanks Henk

Hey Henk,

Good to see you back!

This is a simple one - So your column in the table is type ‘Datetime’ and it needs to be type ‘Interval’. Intervals are chunks of time, versus datetimes which are representations of a single time on an actual day. When you take one date (say yesterday at noon) and look at distance to another time (right now), you will get an interval (17 hours).

You can’t change the column type of a table column after it is created, but you can delete the datetime column you created and recreate it as a interval.

Does this make sense?

Hello Pete.

I first created a column in my table with time and date and that doesn’t work! I tried later an interval and it works! :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! Have I nice day