Edit Table Row Metadata

Is there a way to edit a row’s metadata? I’m looking at moving over data from an old system and would like to make the “Created” metadata match when the data is actually from, without creating an entirely new date column.

Hey @Ethan-

There isn’t right now a way to do this. This is an ask I hear on occasion “I don’t want to update the updated time when my python bot makes changes, just when an app does”. Those fields are duplicated from the underlying database where table data is being stored (just like ID), so there is a fair bit less flexibility around editing them.

I will talk to our data team a bit more about this to understand if there is an avenue to approach this sort of thing.

Thanks for brining this up! I’ll keep this thread updated if I do go ahead and throw in a req for this one!


Just had a chat with our head on the data team - Confirmed this is the raw data directly in the underlying table which makes editing it a whole lot more complicated. Processes like migrating data from one instance to another is reliant on this data being accurate, and enabling editing could create opportunity for some odd edge cases.

The only limitation I can think of where those fields are special, is in the filter of an analytic time range, right now you can only filter by date created and date updated. I will write a req to add any other datetime fields to this list of dropdowns?

Are there other places where not having this functionality would be a blocker?

Yeah I think if you could filter by any datetime column that could address the issue. I understand what you’re saying about the underlying table- good to know! As I’m moving forward with this project I’ll just plan to add an additional datetime column. This is not urgent at this time.

Thanks @Ethan!

I wrote up a feature request for this. We recently added the ability to pick date created or date updated, so getting back up to speed with this part of the codebase should be straightforward!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Sounds good, thanks Pete