Date Created & Date Updated meta data in table record

Hi Tulip,

I’m using table record function in tulip to show all the details within that record, but that feature is not allowing me to use meta data.

Can we please add Date Created & Date Updated meta data in table record?


+1 there are a few places where these fields are still not accessible and it would be nice to be able to rely on these. I often end up having to create a duplicate field when I realize.

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While utilizing queries with app input filters, I am unable to use the Date Created and Date Updated fields of record placeholders as filters. This caused me to have to add quite a bit of complexity to my project.

Hey @jay.shah and @danielpomeranz,

thanks for the feedback! We have logged this as a product suggestion and will review this with the team.

@jay.shah Could you share some more details on your concrete use case? Thanks!

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Hi @stefan ,

Please see below screenshot for more information.
In Below image , I want to show date created & date updated to an operator, which I’m not able to do by using Table record.

Let me know if you need more clarification or information from me.