Time Based Sampling Plan

@gio One additional question could I use that same function to reference a specific time in a scheduling table. So that it knows which action to execute? If not using the static value is easy enough!

hello @jzwierzchowskimmc, yes you can certainly use that function to reference a Table Field in a scheduling table. you will need to store the time as a Text Field and use that to check against the Current Time:

let me know if that works for you!!

@gio Is there a way to reference a specific row of the table since I have multiple pull times, and different actions based upon the time? Looking at the way it was done here and the way I tried it looks like I would need a separate table for each time. But I could be wrong. Otherwise the static value is pretty straight forward.


hello @jzwierzchowskimmc, you can have multiple Records within the Table, and load them by their ID in a Trigger prior to checking the time. for example:

let me know if that makes sense!!

@gio Yeah that works for me. But honestly it will end up adding a lot of extra triggers and its easy enough to use the static value and update the Pull time trigger like that. Later in the process I may go back and implement that.

sounds good, I’ll close off this topic then. feel free to create a new one if you have any other questions @jzwierzchowskimmc!!

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