Timestamp as ID in table

Can you use a timestamp as an ID in a table?

I’m wanting to add all quality issues from a production line (5 separate stations) into one table and use the timestamp as the ID. I cant think of a better way to accomplish this as there are no comparable variables between the stations that change and are never the same.

Any help is appreciated!

hello @DewyWCI, great question!!

you can create the Table Record with the following as the ID: @App Info.Current Date and Time + '' (note the + '' to convert the Datetime to a Text that is required for the ID):

as you can see, the Records are created like this in the Table:

just to confirm, do you like the time as Unix timestamp (as shown above) or the date as a human readable format?? that can be done too, but I just wanted to confirm.

hope this helps!!


I think Unix would work as we can put a timestamp in a column but just for future knowledge what does it take to change it back to a human readable text within the table?

great to hear @DewyWCI!!

to format to human readable you could use: format_date_tz(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS', 'EST'):

if you don’t have the FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function, send me your instance URL via direct message and I can enable it for you.