[Tip of the Week] Adding Triggers to Images

triggers can be added to buttons, timers, device outputs, step enter/exit, etc. however, they can just as easily be placed on images you upload to your apps!!

this can be useful in many situations, for example - when building an app with a clean interface that is easy for users to quickly pick up on (in any language), using icons is often recommended. to do this, simply add triggers to the icons you upload.

here’s a quick guide to adding a trigger to an image:

  1. add an image widget into your app and upload an image from your computer:
  2. scroll down on the right widget pane and change the Click Action from None (default) to Custom Triggers
  3. add any trigger as you normally would:

I often use icons from Moment as they’re simple and and cover most needs: https://material.io/resources/icons.

is anyone using this feature?? if so, it would be great if you could share your screenshots below!!

I know this feature, but I have not used this feature before.

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We have an app with a built-in feedback mechanism, users click on happy or grumpy images, which triggers their feedback to be captured in a Tulip table as +1 or -1.


this is great, thanks for sharing @MoPositive!!

In case it helps, I recorded a short video of how this works

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