[Tip of the Week] Customizing Account Color Palette

hello all,

for this week’s Tip of the Week, I wanted to share a Tulip feature that many users aren’t aware of but is very useful to keep uniformity across apps and saves a lot of time when building. the feature is actually a setting that allows you to customize the color palette for your instance so default widget colors can be set to match the color guidelines for your organization.

to modify this setting, navigate to: https://{{instance_name}}.tulip.co/account-settings/color-palette or click on your profile icon > Settings > Color Palette (please note that you need to be an Account Owner to modify this setting):

next, you can add/remove colors and provide names for them. I will remove all of them and add the custom Tulip brand colors:

as you can see, my default color palette has now been updated and the ‘bookmarked’ colors can be accessed with a single click when adding a widget into an app (as a note, colors on widgets can still be customized to any color you’d like):

has someone customized this setting?? would be great to see the colors you’ve set if so!!

great feature, I always set 11 color according to the company graphic charter and I ask app builder to stick to these colors. I found a lot of benefit doing so :slight_smile:

“We have only 11 unambiguous colour terms in English: White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Pink, Orange, Purple.” ~Berlin & Kaye Research 1969

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I agree @pte that it’s a really useful feature!! thanks for sharing