Tooltips for buttons and other widgets

It would be neat to have customizable tooltips/hints available for certain entities, maybe buttons and various embedded widgets?

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Hey Bryan, thanks for the suggestion. To clarify - do you mean tooltips on the actual apps running on player or on the app builder? Can you tell us a bit more about what’s driving this? Thanks!

Tooltips in the app player - I’m realizing now this is more effective for folks using a mouse to interact with the player versus touch, but I still think it would be neat (maybe use a long press and some kind of small (i) symbol on a widget to indicate additional info is available? To help w/ touch situations…).

What’s driving it is complexity of the apps we are building. We do our best to create intuitive UI, add help buttons/explanations where possible, but sometimes you just want to add a small snippet of info to better explain what something does without having to jump to a separate help page or take up valuable screen real estate with a text widget.