Triggers from Apps

Using the Insights events, would you be able to add functionality to either trigger from an app or pass data from an App?

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Hi @mcombs - yes, you can build analytics from app data and use that (e.g. when a threshold line is crossed) to trigger an automation. What exactly are you trying to do?

Hey Pete,

I was thinking about using a trigger button in an app to start a series of table writes. In the specific case we perform an operation and write to 3-4 tables. My goal was to consolidate this data into an automation.

Is the part of the development?

@mcombs that use case is definitely one that we expect automations will solve. It’s not exactly triggering an automation from an app directly, but since automations can listen to changes to Tulip tables, these events could be used as the triggering event.

For example, app A writes to table B and automation C then runs when table B is updated. Automation C could also update tables X,Y,Z at the same time.

There may also be different ways to approach the problem, but I would need more details on the specifics of the use case in order to recommend an approach.