Triggers on Fn keys

Hello dear Tulip Team,

It would be nice if we could put triggers which are fired when the operator use the Fn keys of the keyboard (F1 to F12). This trigger would be in the section “MACHINES & DEVICES”.
It could be practical to use this fey which are faster than the mouse.

Good suggestion. I think this may already be covered by key mapping to triggers for any keyboard inputs. Take a look here: Key-Mapping on Steps - #15 by Pete_Hartnett

@RussWaddell hit the nail on the head.

The tricky thing we run into when making more hotkeys native is not interfering with any other browser hotkeys. Tulip Player can run in Google Chrome, but that means we can’t write over any of the chrome hotkeys. The only F-key Chrome doesn’t utilize are F4, F7, and F9. If you are in a place where you will never using the web player, you can use more of these keys, and I would go down the route @RussWaddell recommended.

Function Key Basic Effect Modifier
F1 Opens Google Chrome’s Help Center in a new tab. None
F2 For this function key to do anything, you first need to be in the Elements panel of Chrome’s Developer Tools (in Chrome, press F12 or head to Tools > Developer Tools). Once there, pressing F2 will open the “edit as HTML” feature. None
F3 Opens the “Find Bar” in Chrome, which lets you search for text on the current webpage. Ctrl+F also performs the same function. None
F4 None Ctrl+F4 closes the tab that you are currently viewing. Alt+F4 closes the entire Chrome window.
F5 Reloads the current webpage. Ctrl+F5 and Shift+F5 both reload the current web pages while ignoring cached content
F6 Toggles focus between the webpage, bookmark bar, and address bar. None
F7 None None
F8 Pauses and resumes script execution in the Sources Panel of the Developer Tools (head to Tools > Developer Tools > Source Panel to get there). None
F9 None None
F10 Steps over the next function call if you’re in the Sources Panel. Shift+F10 opens your context menu. This has the same effect as right-clicking with your mouse.
F11 In a regular Chrome window, turns full-screen mode on and off. In the Sources Panel, F11 steps into the next function call. None
F12 Opens Chrome’s Developer Tools. None