Tulip App Base Layout Trigger order

This may have been answered before but a quick search didn’t find what I needed.

Are entry triggers on the base layout executed before or after any step entry triggers?

Or is there a Tulip article or documentation that covers how all triggers work?

Base Layout first…

That is what I can tell from experience.
I’m not sure, if there might be a situation when they mix up or so…

I was afraid that was the answer, which is unfortunate in my current situation.

I have already had to create some complicated triggers twice because I need it to run on app entry and then on a timer trigger to update every 5 minutes.

I’m actually running a connector function that returns data for the current shift and previous two shifts. I then grab index 0 from the array for the current shift and do my calculations.

What I would like to be able to do is copy paste the step two times and change which index is being grabbed and recalculate based on the data from the other two shifts. That will work but now I have a lot of redundant triggers that each need to be updated if I need to change the calculation method.

I think a really nice new feature would be application global functions that could be called from any trigger.

For posterity, there is a really helpful diagram in the knowledge base article here.