Tulip Player 1.7.1 - June 2022

These are the product updates in release 1.7.1 of the Tulip Player.
Contact support@tulip.co with any questions.

Tulip Player 1.7.1 will be available on June 25 27, 2022 for Windows and MacOS.

This release involves:

  • Vision: Support for Allied Vision cameras with Tulip Vision
  • Vision: Fix for bug where snapshots do not work without video streaming
  • Support for Ohaus PX163 Weighing Scale
  • Support for Tera D6100 barcode scanner
  • Support for Mitutoyo UWAVE Receiver
  • Improved autoupdates with smaller incremental update file size
  • Packaging: Sign native binaries

Update: Release of v1.7.1 has been rescheduled to 11 PM on June 27 (instead of the previously announced date of June 25). Apologies for the delay.