Connecting Caliper with Tulip Gateway

I have a similar use case for connecting caliper (USB). Could you tell me how you have connect this devise to Tulip? Did you used a Tulip Gateway?
Thanks a lot

hello @Nicolas, welcome to the Tulip Community. it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

regarding your question, USB devices (aside from Barcode Scanners) are indeed connected to Tulip via a Gateway. do you have more information on the make/model of the calipers?? you can see the devices we integrate with out of the box here: Measurements - Length | Frontline Operations Platform.

Hi Guys, my name is Alberto and i m the Operations QM of Xerotech in Ireland.
my company just bought first 5 licenses and i need to start connect some calipers ad gauges to TULIP. I am in progress to buy Mitutoyo and i need support to understand what i have to do once i will receive gauges and connecting device (wireless). will this be USB guided installation and can use a normal excel file just to start? developing in future a more schematic control guided system with drawings etc? I need to be able to have basic gauges installed and working by end next week… could you please support ?
thank you