Connecting Caliper with Tulip Gateway

I have a similar use case for connecting caliper (USB). Could you tell me how you have connect this devise to Tulip? Did you used a Tulip Gateway?
Thanks a lot

hello @Nicolas, welcome to the Tulip Community. it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

regarding your question, USB devices (aside from Barcode Scanners) are indeed connected to Tulip via a Gateway. do you have more information on the make/model of the calipers?? you can see the devices we integrate with out of the box here: Measurements - Length | Frontline Operations Platform.

Hi Guys, my name is Alberto and i m the Operations QM of Xerotech in Ireland.
my company just bought first 5 licenses and i need to start connect some calipers ad gauges to TULIP. I am in progress to buy Mitutoyo and i need support to understand what i have to do once i will receive gauges and connecting device (wireless). will this be USB guided installation and can use a normal excel file just to start? developing in future a more schematic control guided system with drawings etc? I need to be able to have basic gauges installed and working by end next week… could you please support ?
thank you

Hello @albertone ,
Could you share the Product URL of the Mitutoyo gauges?


Data Management - USB Input Tool - Metrology Communication Cable - YouTube

Mitutoyo MeasurLink SPC Q&A - Working with Data Collection Systems - YouTube

Let me know if this is enough.



Hi All,

I am currently trying to achieve the same thing, we just received a DEMO from Mitutoyo and the instrument seems to be compatible with Tulip according to the Library, however, I am not certain how the caliper will be connected to Tulip, from the instrument standpoint it can be via Bluetooth or through a receiver (Mitutoyo, Producto: U-WAVE-R Receiver)


Hey @Jian.

Your timing is good - we just resolved this limitation and a fix should be out in our next release. In the past, that device was supported, but only thru a wired connection.

Let me know if you don’t see this issue resolved in r228, and I can help walk you through troubleshooting.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett ,

When you say in the past that device was supported thru wired connection, that is connecting the U-wave ( Mitutoyo receptor) to the Gateway correct?
Is that feature still supported, so I can test the caliper?
Also, when will R228 will be released.


Hey @Jian.

In the past customers have used cables like this to go directly to their computer/edge device. You will still be able to do this in 228 and beyond, you will just now also have wireless capabilities.

r228 is rolling out progressively this week. The first customers got it on 4/29, and the last customers will be getting it on 5/07.


Hey @Jian,

Another update just because I got my wires crossed (so to speak) with the developers. This functionality will come with the next version of player (v1.7, for windows specifically) which is tentatively expected to go out the first week of June.

Initially the support for Mitutoyo U-wave receiver is exclusive to the Windows Player application and not on Edge device (I/O gateway, Edge IO, Edge MC). The wired USB connection with the Mitutoyo device is currently supported on both Windows Player and Edge Devices.

Sorry about the confusion!

Hey @Pete_Hartnett

Thanks for the clarification and follow up.
Wonder if there is like a “guide” or “manual” I can use and follow so I can set up the Caliper.
Right now I can only send the reading from the caliper to a Text input in Tulip, but what I really want is use and set conditions to the output, and that I don’t know how.


Hey @Jian,

Can you provide more context around what you are trying to do? that device passes a number in the ‘data’ attribute, so you should be able to write it to a number variable or number input.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett ,

The thing is that I am not getting the output of the caliper as device output, therefore, cannot set conditions to the device output (Machines & devices triggers).
Again, data is being transferred from the caliper to an input field(variable) and I can set conditions to that variable, but we would prefer to use the device output.

This is what we would like and preferred:

This is what I can achieve right now (NOT the preferred method):

Hopefully, I am not confusing you.

Hey @Jian -

Not sure how this slipped through last month. This ask should be resolved with the new player update. Now the U-Wave driver is natively supported as a device.

Version 1.7.1 of player was released on Friday, this now supports the U-wave wireless gateway for Mitutoyo.

Hope this helps.

Great news!

Thanks, Pete for following up!