Digital tape measurement with Tulip


In our industry usual tolerances are between 1-3mm and quality control is done with tape measures as the products are sometime too big for callipers.

We would like to use a digital tape measure connected to the station pc, integrated in the app, to remove the need for operators to manually input measurements.

Has anyone used this before or can someone from the @tulip team recommend a way to do this and a list of supported products?

Have a great day everyone!
Thank you!

@alin.sala, thanks for the question.

Are digital calipers acceptable for your use case? We have a number of digital calipers that we’ve integrated with Tulip. We use what I believe is the Mitutoyo 500 series device in our own Experience Center for collecting data. @k.ober can confirm the exact model, and might know some other calipers or devices that fit your use-case.

Hi @John ,

Thanks for reaching out so quickly!

Unfortunately callipers are not a solutions as our parts (packaging materials - carboard, plastics, foam) are usually longer than 50-60 cm. Some parts may be over 100 cm.
We would need huge callipers, too difficult to handle.

There are digital tape measures that work by bluetooth, usually connected to a mobile app, sending the measurement to the phone.
I was wondering if I could find one model that could output the measured data (similar to a barcode scanner) and somehow connect like a generic serial device/barcode scanner to the windows pc that runs the station.
Here’s an example of model i’m planning to test:
9563.pdf (82.5 KB)

I don’t know yet if the connection to windows will act in a similar way to a barcode scanner (keyboard emulation).

I’m wondering also if anyone tested this before or have a similar use-case of connecting a bluetooth device to the station to be used in the app.

I’ll get back with updates once we get to test this tape measure. :+1:

Looking forward to your feedback!