Can someone give comments or screenshot if I need to add Claim rule separately for Tulip setting in ADFS? Metadata installed ok.
Seems like whatever I define is resulting to NameID -issue found from ADFS Admin log.
MSIS7070 : NameIDPolicy

I managed to solve it…

Hi @jukka.maki !

I’m glad you figured this out :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing what you found resolved this? I was wondering if maybe your test user did not have an active email address in Active Directory?

I created 3 different Claim -rules manually:
Name ID, Displayname and EmailAddress.
Name ID I was able to make work by setting incoming as Windows account name and mapped to Name ID with persistent Identifier format. (Pass through).
Displayname as incoming “Name” transformed to DisplayName.
And finally EmailAddress as incoming UPN mapped to EmailAddress. EmailAddress did not work even they have same value in AD.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing with the Tulip Community! This may help someone else in the future if they encounter a similar issue :slight_smile: